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Regardless of the additive, FoamPro offers the ultimate proportioning systems for your new or retrofit apparatus. Numerous models incorporating direct injection or around-the-pump technologies are available to meet unique requirements for municipal, wildland, marine, industrial, ARFF, and CAFS applications. In addition, hundreds of options and accessories have been engineered to provide customized solutions for your specific requirements.


Refill Systems

As the worldwide leader, FoamPro systems provide fully-automatic foam proportioning with operator-friendly controls. With concentrate capacities to 300 gpm (1135 LPM) and choices of single/multi-point direct injection or budget friendly around-the-pump systems, FoamPro has the ultimate foam management system for all of your applications. See our AccuMax brochure for single and multi-point injection systems with foam capacities greater than 12 gpm (45 LPM).

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