FoamPro, the industry leader, offers two refill systems, truck-mounted (12 or 24 VDC/240) and a portable 110/240 AC, that perfectly complement foam operations on your apparatus. Power-Fill is an electronically-controlled, pre-plumbed, self-priming, concentrate refill system that will save you time and increase the safety of your firefighters. With the simple push of a button or switch, our refill systems quickly reload on-board foam cells without messy spillage. Most importantly, Power-Fill safely eliminates awkward and strenuous lifting of concentrate containers and allows easier transfer from totes. These systems will fill even the largest tanks quickly and efficiently. The high drafting, non-corrosive pump, is compatible with all concentrates and viscosities currently used.

Truck-Mounted System

12 or 24 VDC. Capable to 11 gpm (41 LPM)

The system operates by attaching a suction hose to a pre-plumbed panel connection using a cam-lock fitting. The pick-up wand is then placed in the concentrate container. The operator simply pushes a button to engage the pumping system, which automatically fills and stops when the tank is full. An indicator light notifies the operator that the operation is complete. Even though the system recognizes a full cell, the manual override feature will engage the concentrate pump momentarily, allowing the operator to fully empty the container. System is equipped with fresh water-flush capabilities.

System Includes

  • High-capacity concentrate pump
  • Continuous-duty 12 or 24 VDC motor
  • Electronic microprocessor control
  • Flush valve and panel plate
  • 1" concentrate pick-up wand and 6' (1.8 M) suction hose

Portable AC System

110/240 AC capable of up to 18 gpm (68 LPM) for station use

The portable system is a remote operation that utilizes pre-plumbed, on-board piping. Connection of the discharge hose to the foam inlet is made with a cam-lock fitting. The pick-up wand on the suction side of the pump is placed in the concentrate container. To initiate refill, operator depresses momentary switch to engage the 110/240 AC pump. The tank is automatically filled and provides visual indication when complete. Carrying handle allows ease of transportation within the station or in the field.

System Includes

  • High-capacity concentrate pump
  • Continuous duty 110/240 AC motor with carrying handle
  • GFI electrical cord with momentary switch
  • Panel plate
  • Indicator light
  • Stainless fittings and cap
  • 1" concentrate pick-up wand and 6' (1.8 M) suction hose

Combined Features and Benefits

  • Increased firefighter safety
  • Saves time for team members
  • Indicators provide system status
  • Conveniently-mounted connections and controls
  • Easily handles all concentrates
  • Automatic system incorporates flush mode
  • Compatible with all size totes and containers
  • System reliability from a proven industry leader
  • Up to 10' (3M) lift capability

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