Distributor Pricing

Look for a letter sent via email or US Mail to all OEMs and authorized resellers. Find your Discount Level. Click the appropriate discount level below, and enter the username and password given in the letter.

Contact Sales at 800.645.0074 if you require assistance.

The price list is for use with our most recent catalogs. You can request mailed catalogs or download catalogs.

OPTIONS for products in the various product lines are shown in the following format: The three digit product series (all in upper case) followed by the word option followed by a dash ( – ) and an alpha-numeric option code. Only the numbers and letters after the dash are used to specify an option. Not all options are available for every product. For example: To order a SPECTRA series [SPA] push-up telescopic pole [SPA530] with a 20k lumen, 120VAC head [OPA530-K20] and include the ON/OFF switch option (shown as SPAoption-ON), the complete part number would be: SPA530-K20-ON.

Please see the Policies page (last page of the price list) for a full list of FRC policies.


Effective: Jan 1, 2024


Effective: Jan 1, 2024