Why FoamPro?

Ease of Use – Less Training

At the push of a button or turn of a dial, FoamPro is hands-down the easiest system to use. Controls incorporate functions that are similar across the product line and intuitive to the operator; requiring less training. Automatic type systems utilize advanced microprocessor technology to manage the complete system by supplying exact amounts of foam – automatically and on demand. In the heat of a battle, it is one less thing to monitor.

Unsurpassed Features

No other proportioner delivers foam as easily and accurately as FoamPro. System designs incorporate the latest technological advancements to meet the rigorous demands of firefighting. FoamPro offers the greatest choice of models, capacities, options, and accessories to meet your specific operation and requirements from proportioning to foam cell refill.

Unmatched Accuracy – Cost Savings

FoamPro brand systems are the most accurate proportioners on the market, to within 5% or less! Unlike other proportioning technologies, FoamPro’s patented automated controls assure unmatched accuracy across the full performance range, eliminating needless waste of concentrate and money. FoamPro automatic systems incorporate advanced microprocessor control technology that provides extremely accurate water flow measurement and precise foam solution. This pinpoint accuracy is maintained from minimum to maximum discharge, greatly reducing concentrate usage, cost, and logistical operations to re-supply.

System Reliability

Renowned for its reliability, FoamPro has proven itself since 1989 in the harshest conditions on fire grounds worldwide. We continually develop new and improved high-tech proportioning systems by incorporating ideas and suggestions from the field. To assure quality and compliance, only FoamPro requires system designs to be subjected to intense third-party testing. Stringent electronic emission control is verified according to MIL-STD 461E. Designs are then put to grueling SAE and US military specifications by independent evaluators for heavy-use, off road mobile apparatus. All FoamPro systems meet or exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Operator Interface

Automatic system designs incorporate ultra-bright LED digital displays providing the operator with real-time solution flow, injection percentage, and percentage ­­­concentrate used during operation. Other proportioning options include straight-forward controls operated by a turn of a dial or throw of a switch.

System Testing – Environmentally Green

FoamPro direct injection systems can be tested and calibrated without consuming foam concentrate or putting the environment at risk. Using the calibrate/inject valve, the system is run with the concentrate measured and directed either back to the foam cell or to a separate holding tank.

Customer Support

FoamPro systems are backed by a dedicated sales and support team averaging more than 25 years of fire industry experience. We are a great resource and happy to provide system type, sizing, or usage guidance. Please feel free to contact your local regional sales manager or our technical team with any questions for assistance.